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MW3 - Modern Warfare 3

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choose a side. Halo versus Modern Warfare 3


Posted by in Gaming / Games on 3/17/12
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  1. The Boss (2 votes)
  1. inyofacesuck (2 votes)
  1. TNinfidel (2 votes)
  1. Jeff (1 votes)

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Neutral Comment

TNinfidel - 3/19/12 @ 9:27 PM:
I would like to see elements of both franchises blended into each. Both are great games though.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 3/17/12 @ 10:41 PM:
Had to go with MW3 I like Halo just not as much as MW3

Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 3/17/12 @ 9:34 PM:
I've always liked this one better than any other military-based. Excluding the times I played with someone who was much more experienced than me... ...Ryan.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 3/17/12 @ 8:57 PM:
Halo is indeed what I like to refer to as "Bad Ass". If you disagree with that statement I believe there's a word for that as well; "Pud".

Side A Comment

inyofacesuck - 3/17/12 @ 8:21 PM:
halo rocks
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