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I remember that rooftop well. I wish I had time to try out the latest and greatest.


Posted by in Entertainment / Video Games on 5/07/08

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Dennis Plucinik - 9/22/08 @ 10:12 PM:
I unfortunately have not played video games in a lonnnnnng time. Like years.

Side B Comment

mikka - 9/22/08 @ 9:53 PM:
Going on graphics and gameplay. Gotta love the newest addition, especially after playing it on a 50 inch hd set with surround sound playing against others via the net. Brilliant !!!

Side A Comment

Carlo - 5/8/08 @ 9:13 AM:
havent played the new one enough to say for sure

Side A Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 5/7/08 @ 1:47 AM:
Roman numerals are sweet.
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