Fort Hood Could Have Been Stopped

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Fort Hood Was Inevitable

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Given the Intelligence and Red Flags that were available, could Fort Hood have been prevented or was it inevitable?


Posted by in World / News on 11/11/09
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Olivia Newton - 4/7/10 @ 5:39 PM:
All the signs were there, but our government is so afraid to be politically incorrect it chose to look the other way. It's such a shame we have come to be the land of the wussies!

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mama kaz - 12/1/09 @ 5:28 PM:
I do watch tv, listen to radio, and read newspapers and news magazines and they are all saying that there were many signs that this guy was about to pop off. Many complaints had been brought against him within the military but we're so concerned with being politically correct that nothing was done about it.

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Dennis Plucinik - 11/19/09 @ 11:21 PM:
I may be way off on this one because I don't really watch tv but I thought I heard somewhere that he killed the people because he heard that they had basically committed war crimes and weren't going to be held accountable...? I'm not saying I agree with his actions at all I'm just saying I don't think people like this are dormant mindless tazmanian devil killing machines waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

I think he must either have legitimized some motive to do it or was actually just bonkers in which case you're right that someone should have noticed and said something. In either case he should be held accountable but it's irresponsible to propagate such a destructive stereotype, as well as try and relate everything back to the president.

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mama kaz - 11/17/09 @ 2:11 PM:
I don't know what it's going to take before people realize the enemy is not off in another country trying to get in. They are living right here with us and just waiting for the best opportunities to kill people for no other reason but hate. We worry so much about being politically correct that we forget to be vigilant. We have a president who goes around apologizing for what a terrible country we are and this kind of behavior just fuels the hate that SOME Muslims feel toward us. There are some amazing, gentle Muslims living among us and they deserve every chance for a good life here. However, just because we question strange or suspicious behavior we observe in Muslims (or any race for that matter) does not mean we hate them all. That is an absurd view that many in our govt are perpetuating. We must report anything and everything that looks potentially dangerous. Your life may depend on it. That's not hate, it's survival.
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