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If Facebook starts charges a monthly or annual fee, would you be willing to pay it or would you call it quits?


Posted by in Tech / Companies on 3/17/10

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DollyFan - 7/25/11 @ 10:47 PM:
I wouldn't pay a fee. FB already makes millions from advertisers, so believe me when I say thay are making a profit. Don't think we need to worry about them not being able to eat. I would just go back to calling, texting, emailing, etc., if there was a fee. FB has done it all these years and made money, no reason that it should have to change now.

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cutie122403 - 3/24/10 @ 11:51 AM:
I would not be happy paying a fee but I do love my Facebook.

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Jeff - 3/17/10 @ 9:57 PM:
yeah i would i think

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Sarah Forester - 3/17/10 @ 9:06 PM:
right now i would not pay for anything extra, however I will admit i love my facebook and would pay to keep it if i could. =)

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The Boss - 3/17/10 @ 7:42 PM:
So long as it's a reasonable fee I'd have to say Facebook would be worth a fee similar to that of Flickr. ($25.00 a year) I don't like the idea of paying but businesses have to make a profit, unlike the US government.
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