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Should Food Stamps go back to being called "Food Stamps" or should it be an EBT card?"


Posted by in Other / Living on 1/31/11

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mama kaz - 4/7/11 @ 12:23 PM:
If you are ashamed to be on food stamps then don't use them. Before we made welfare so acceptable people used to go out and actually look for work. It has become a way of life rather than a temporary thing to get through hard times. This is why we are all going to be in very hard times in the very near future. Too many people taking and too few paying.

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big ben - 2/21/11 @ 6:31 AM:
In addition, the EBT cards would be an easier method for people to take from the sinking ship. I know this sounds awful, but CITIZENS who are legal should have access to as much as they can as easily as they can.:)

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big ben - 2/20/11 @ 8:45 PM:
The only reason I am in favor of this is because I believe the federal reserve is intentionally sabatoging our economy under the bias towards globalism and NWO. The IRS is the branch of the fed reserve who forces us to pay them even though they give us no voice in the wars and foreign bases they fund and foreign aid. I believe since they are not playing by the rules why should we? In other words, if you have paid into the system and have LEGAL reasons to collect than collect, collect, and collect some more. The ship is sinking so take what you can before you have to jump into the life boat:)

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cutie122403 - 1/31/11 @ 2:09 PM:
It should continue being called Food Stamps.
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