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If you had the option to choose a futuristic technology, what would it be? Would you time travel or fly in your car?


Posted by in Other / Travel on 4/08/10

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mama kaz - 4/27/10 @ 4:10 PM:
I'll take the time machine. I'd go back to simpler times before computers, phones, and television.

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nickd67 - 4/22/10 @ 8:23 AM:
The movie Flubber!

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CHOW - 4/9/10 @ 10:25 AM:
I want a time machine. Send me be to, lets say, 1985 with every back issue of the wall street journal between then and now. That would be good.
The Boss - 4/10/10 @ 9:02 AM: Rival | Side A
Great point: A facebook friend of mine said he would go with the time machine and travel to the future when flying cars were readily available.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 4/8/10 @ 11:28 PM:
I'm an adrenaline junkie and know for a fact that traveling through time would only get me in all kinds of trouble.
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