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Death by Firing Squad is Justifiable.

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The state of Utah just executed Ronnie Lee Gardner by a five man firing squad as the inmate requested. This method which is more reminiscent of the old west isn’t used frequently. Is it inhumane or justifiable depending on the crime?


Posted by in Other / Crimes on 6/21/10

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mama kaz - 7/5/10 @ 2:47 PM:
I don't really care how they killed him as long as he's dead and won't be out taking another persons life from them. I don't have a problem with them choosing how they are going to die.

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Olivia Newton - 6/24/10 @ 12:03 PM:
The punishment fit the crime. It is fair. But what if the one lethal shot did not kill him? What would they do then? Shot him again?
The Boss - 6/24/10 @ 10:48 PM: Ally | Side B
Actually there are Five shots fired simultaneously with one being a blank. If the four shots that hit the inmate fail I think maybe the officers doing the shooting should do some training at the firing range.

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The Boss - 6/21/10 @ 6:58 PM:
The Crime that landed him the death sentence:

Ronnie Lee Gardner was on trial for the murder of a bartender named Melvyn Otterstrom when the crime that earned him the death sentence was committed.

“Although he was handcuffed and surrounded by prison guards, a female acquaintance slipped Gardner a loaded, long-barreled .22-caliber handgun in the basement of the building just before the shooting. He shot Burdell in the head, wounded a court bailiff and was himself shot in the right shoulder before being captured on the courthouse lawn as he tried to flee.”

The process of the Utah’s Death by Firing Squad:

1. The inmate is given the opportunity to speak their last words.

2. The inmate is strapped down with their head covered with a black hood and a target is placed on the inmates chest/heart.

3. Five volunteer police officers take aim and await the countdown directive to fire at the inmates heart.

4. Four out of the five round fired are live but one is a blank ” … so no one would know who fired the fatal shots.”

5. A countdown is conducted in a 5-4-3-2-1 manor with the shots being executed at the sound of 2.

6. The inmate is examined for vital signs and the hood is removed to expose their face.

7. Assuming everything went as planned they are pronounced dead.

Take a look at the following sources to read more into the details of Ronnie Lee Gardners crimes and execution.



LIBERAL - 6/22/10 @ 9:09 AM: Rival | Side A
I'm not saying that I believe lethal injection, electrocution, or the firing squad either one are right. In fact I don't know that I approve of any of them, but what I do believe is that as a convicted criminal and murderer why does he get the opportunity to CHOOSE? It's not right. The men he killed did not get a choice in how they were murdered so why does he get to choose? They should simply take that allowance away from death row inmates and simply choose on their own how they will be put to death. Death row inmates, just like any other inmate gave up their rights the moment they decided to break the law and were punished. They should not be allowed to choose anything!
The Boss - 6/23/10 @ 8:16 AM: Ally | Side B
While you're comment takes it a step further; I agree and didn't think about the murderer getting the option to choose.

Over the years I've heard a lot of talk about rehabilitating these animals and quite possibly some can change but the change is irrelevant in my opinion. Just as you said they gave up their rights but I'll add that they did so by stripping another human being of their God given right to life.

Their victims have no option to be rehabilitated and neither should they. It is a bit troubling that we are so concerned about the most humane way to rid our society of these murderers while in many of the cases their victims were murdered in the most disgusting, inhumane way imaginable. (perfect example: Christopher Newsom and Shannon Christian murder.)
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