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Vanilla Ice

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Who is the greatest white rapper of all time?


Posted by in Entertainment / Music on 5/08/08

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smartypants - 7/12/09 @ 9:59 PM:
Eminem Is awsome and HOT!

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TigaBoo - 12/25/08 @ 1:14 AM:
I'm not a real big fan of rap music, but have herd both of them. Vanillia ice has a descent voice, But don't come close to what Eminem can do with his vocals.

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mama kaz - 12/15/08 @ 10:18 AM:
I hate to admit that I'm an Eminem fan at my age but I've always liked his music and the beat just sticks in your head. I always buy the cleaned up version.

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The Boss - 5/8/08 @ 2:34 PM:
I can't lie, I bought Vanilla Ice's tape and music video when I was younger, but Eminem is by far the best white rapper.
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