I'll eat there again.

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Boycott. No more Chick-fil-A for me.

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Despite their homophobic stance on marriage equality, which they have every right to, I might have eaten there anyway if I liked their food. Why lie about the fact you have a different ideology?

Posted by in Other / Humor on 7/25/12
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Side A Comment

IMac G-four - 3/31/14 @ 8:37 PM:
Who else is gonna give us better fast food chicken?

Neutral Comment

gonzo - 8/8/12 @ 7:48 AM:
It is one thing to be able to say whatever you want, but when what you say is actually oppressing a certain group of people is when it becomes wrong. Especially when you are donating funds to so called "marriage" organizations. I feel that any time we as a Nation try to dictate what someone should feel or think we take a turn for the worse. Who am I or you to say who you love is wrong? People use the Bible as the word of God instead of what it actually is, a book translated a half dozen times written by man. What harm does any of this cause to your way of life? If your child is so easily moved from the "good moral values" you instilled in them then maybe you failed as a parent. The biggest reason I think this has taken a turn for the worst is first the CEO is "guilty as charged" then after they realize the backlash that was inevitably coming they tried to distance themselves from certain groups even going so far as to remove their name from a Marriage Camp that promotes anti gay messages and beliefs. Your corporation wants to only be affiliated with chicken then shut up and sell chicken, if not then get off the fence and take a stand that isnt just "guilt as charged" dont hide from what your saying, face it head on. Of course I am in Afghanistan and have only seen stuff here and there so maybe they have.
LIBERAL - 8/8/12 @ 11:06 AM: Rival | Side B
Gonzo, I pretty much agree with what you're saying, but I do believe he has the right to believe and say it. Personally, I just don't care what the CEO of a fast food chain has to say anymore about traditional marriage. I believe he's wrong, but at the same time I believe he's right in being able to express his feelings on the matter. I take it you're a serviceman, and I want to thank you for your service. I served my country too, and because I did I realize just what it means to defend the rights we all believe in. While I totally disagree with Mr. Cathy's position I wouldn't have him censored for anything. He has that right. That to me, is truly what it means to be an American.

Side B Comment

DollyFan - 7/27/12 @ 7:47 PM:
I've stopped eating there. Many can't seem to understand my stance. I love their chicken and fully believe they have the right to be a business with Christian beliefs. But, as a gay man, why would I give them money to let them turn around and donate it to groups that expect me to be okay with being a second class citizen? I am not saying they are being bigoted. I am saying that their fighting to keep me from having equal rights is discrimination. I do not feel that they should be banned by the mayors of Boston and Chicago. Then that would be me believing that we should discriminate against them, which is what I am asking them to not do to me. I do appreciate those mayors wanting to stand up for equality for all but this is not how that is accomplished. And I also strongly believe that the Henson company pulling there toys, so as to no longer be affiliated with Chik-fil-a was a great move. But the restaurant stating the next day that the toys were dangerous is way more than a coincidence, so I believe they are not living up to their Christian values and are lying instead of truthfully saying it was because of the gay issue. That's my two cents. Other than stating that Mike and I have been together got 22 years and one day we will be allowed to marry, whether it's called marriage, civil union or best buds. And I don't care what it's called as long as we have the same rights and benefits!

Side B Comment

Jeff - 7/26/12 @ 7:40 PM:
Its not because of the Gay thing I wont eat there its because I don't like their food lol
LIBERAL - 7/27/12 @ 11:26 AM: Ally | Side B
LOL. My sentiments exactly. While I lived in Tennessee I liked the Zaxby's a heckuva lot more than I did Chick-fil-A.
The Boss - 7/27/12 @ 7:51 PM: Rival | Side A
We recently discovered the tater chips at Zaxby's and OMG; they're flipping yummy.

We actually wouldn't have known about them if it wasn't for them accidentally giving us someone else's food in drive thru. I bet they were pissed.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 7/25/12 @ 9:18 PM:
I actually commented on this on Facebook but here's the run down on my opinion on the matter. As with all businesses that offer products or services whether it be a chicken nugget or a blockbuster movie released at the local theater I believe any individual has the right to boycott or in more simple terms choose not to purchase goods or services. If I were Gay I would probably be offended and this type of comment and accompanying actions would be enough for me to at quit doing business with this company. So for my Gay friends and family, Boycott away.

I myself don't expect a Christian based company to openly embrace something they feel strongly against. We are talking about one of the few companies out there that actually close down on Sunday so their employees can go to church and I'll be honest, that pisses me off when I'm feeling like some Chic Filet on a Sunday. My family will continue to go to Chic Filet but not do so out of spite to those we love who happen to be gay but because we enjoy the food and aren't offended to the point of no return. The little bit I've seen on the toys seems shady and if true doesn't represent the Christian based business very well.

Full diclosure: I still avoid buying Heinz products unless it's a lot cheaper because I can't stand the Kerry's so I certainly won't persecute my gay loved ones for boycotting Chic Filet.
LIBERAL - 7/25/12 @ 10:40 PM: Rival | Side B
LOL. I saw the Heinz thing coming from a mile away. Thanks Ryan. Too funny.
LIBERAL - 7/29/12 @ 12:03 PM: Rival | Side B
I did some research and found out, get this, the sign pictured above was placed in public view in the Willow Bend, TX location and several others. Although they claim corporate offices never directed them to do so Chick-Fil-A spokeswoman Tiffany Greenway said that the company had decided to recall the Muppet toys nationwide "for the protection of their customers", despite the fact that the toys had passed all safety tests required.

Side A Comment

Sarah Forester - 7/25/12 @ 5:11 PM:
i will still eat there, because my son and I love their chicken and don't care for the muppets. I think the business with the recall sign posted is a little fishy. I debated this a little on facebook this morning. We don't know for sure that kids did not get their finger stuck in the toys. My son has gotten his finger stuck in toys on multiple occasions, however why not just state that they were recalled, that is the truth. I personally don't think CEO did anything wrong. I support gay rights and I don't care who gets married, but chick fil A has never changed their stance or beliefs and this is no different. He was asked a question and gave an honest answer.
LIBERAL - 7/25/12 @ 5:29 PM: Rival | Side B
I totally respect your decision to continue eating there, but I just don't believe for a moment that as long as these toys have been sold with the meals that suddenly one day after the Jim Henson company came out against their own views that Chick-fil-A had to pull them due to "safety" issues. Now, that was more than a little fishy. That was an outright fabrication on their part. For this reason and the fact that I don't really care for their food that much, they've lost any chance of my business.

Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 7/25/12 @ 1:44 PM:
When President and CEO of Chick-fil-A Dan Cathy came out against marriage equality I was not the least bit surprised. If I had actually liked their food a lot I might have still eaten there in the future. I probably eat lots of places that don't necessarily agree with every political view I share, but I still get hungry. What strikes me as humurous is the recent move by Chick-fil-A to claim they are voluntarily recalling the toys due to "safety" issues because children's fingers are.... ....wait, it is so hard to say this with a straight face.... ....getting stuck in the finger puppets. LMAO. Are you f#@%ing serious? You didn't want to tell your public the truth so you decided to lie about it, and this... ....THIS was the best you could possibly come up with? Why do they honestly expect people to believe this crap? What do they put in their chicken for flavoring? STUPID pills? I find it absolutely hilarious that their self-righteousness will not allow them to destroy the sanctity of marriage, but hey, it's still okay to LIE. Right? If I never eat at a Chick-fil-A again it will not be because of their moral views of "traditional" marriage, but because their food wasn't that good anyway, and no... ...not every consumer of your food is that F#$@ING STUPID!!!
LIBERAL - 7/25/12 @ 1:55 PM: Ally | Side B
Sorry for the typo. My nephew distracted me. humurous=humorous.
LIBERAL - 7/25/12 @ 2:20 PM: Ally | Side B
For those of you who are not aware of this situation I'm including a link to a page showing the actual sign.

gonzo - 8/8/12 @ 7:36 AM: Rival | Neutral
This is where Chic fil a lost a lot of ground as far as I am concerned. This was a cheap shot and a way around the real issue as to why they discontinued the Muppet toys.
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