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Which celebrity has the Worst hair?


Posted by in Entertainment / Celebrities on 7/03/08
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  1. Dennis Plucinik (2 votes)
  1. The Boss (2 votes)
  1. livefreeordie66 (2 votes)
  1. Andrea (1 votes)

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Side A Comment

The Boss - 4/22/11 @ 9:01 PM:
This is an old rivalry but we may have to start a new one. Who would make the better president? Trump or Stern. Okay that's a stretch.

Side A Comment

mama kaz - 10/20/08 @ 10:48 PM:
Donald's hair is awful but Howard is an awful person. I'd rather have awful hair.

Side B Comment

livefreeordie66 - 8/3/08 @ 5:06 PM:
Howard makes 100 mil a year, With that kind of scratch, I wouldnt care to have a nose lke his

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 7/10/08 @ 11:54 PM:
Andrea could work her magic on him. By the way, have you seen his fiance? She is SO much better looking than he is. Poor thing, she could do so much better.

Side A Comment

Andrea - 7/5/08 @ 11:59 PM:
The hairstylist has to go with Donald' looks like a helmet for crying out loud!
The Boss - 7/6/08 @ 11:52 AM: Ally | Side A
So Andrea, What kind of magic would you work for The Donald to look half way decent? Or is it an impossible task?

Side A Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 7/3/08 @ 9:46 PM:
Clearly The Donald however it's his brand. I know he likes to put his name on everything but if he changed his style his empire would crumble lol
The Boss - 7/3/08 @ 10:08 PM: Ally | Side A
Now thats hilarious.
Dennis Plucinik - 7/5/08 @ 5:13 PM: Ally | Side A
wtf am I talking about???

Side A Comment

The Boss - 7/3/08 @ 2:58 PM:
The &%&& looks like a damn birds nest. C'mon Donald...
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