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There are many positives to owning a dog and to owning a cat. Do you prefer one over the other and, if so, why?

Posted by in Other / Other on 8/08/12
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  1. Sarah Forester (3 votes)
  1. cutie122403 (3 votes)
  1. The Boss (1 votes)
  1. maddy crossie (1 votes)

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Neutral Comment

mama kaz - 9/21/12 @ 7:58 PM:
This is why you shouldn't be required to pick a side. I love both!

Side B Comment

Jeff - 8/20/12 @ 7:28 PM:
Don't get me wrong I love dogs I just love cats more!!

Side B Comment

maddy crossie - 8/8/12 @ 10:35 PM:
I think cats are more cute then dogs

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 8/8/12 @ 3:15 PM:
I love dogs (although mine get on my nerves at times with their barking) but I think Dogs are more loyal than Cats. I have met some Cats that are very loyal however but I think for the most part they just want to be fed and then left alone.
LIBERAL - 8/9/12 @ 12:05 AM: Ally | Side A
I love your dogs cutie. I really loved Rachael. She was such a sweetheart.
cutie122403 - 8/10/12 @ 10:28 PM: Ally | Side A
Thanks Rick! We miss Rachael, she
was very active but a very sweet girl!

Side A Comment

LIBERAL - 8/8/12 @ 11:13 AM:
I just love dogs. Always have and always will. Most of the cats I've known have always been far too independent for my tastes. I like the fact that dogs are so attached to their owners. I guess that's why they're often referred to as "man's best friend". I see two of my favorite little pups in the pictures above. Love and miss you Clay and Jo. Hugs!

Neutral Comment

Sarah Forester - 8/8/12 @ 8:52 AM:
I am voting neutral on this because up until 3 weeks ago i would have said dog. We have the most amazing, gentle, loving black lab imaginable, he is wonderful. We have had him for 3 1/2 years. My husbands cat, which he had before he had me, is horrible. If I was not such an animal lover he would be gone!!! Three weeks ago we got a new kitten, her name is April and we are all in love with her. She follows us around like a dog, she cries to be picked up, she sleeps in bed with us and waits by the door for us to come home. I am now neutral. =)
The Boss - 8/8/12 @ 10:06 AM: Rival | Side A
Really? lovable? Vader makes me feel like luke skywalker when I drop my car off for the night.
Sarah Forester - 8/8/12 @ 10:09 AM: Ally | Neutral
lol @Ryan, then he is doing his job. ;) Not sure how tough he actually is, but he can put on a good show. haha

Side A Comment

DollyFan - 8/8/12 @ 7:01 AM:
Cats aren't normally as lovable and don't need as much attention as a dog, normally. I think that is why I have fallen for Jo. She demands attention and works her way right into your heart! Princess wants attention, too, just on her time when SHE chooses. LOL

A dog is harder to take care of, though. Can't leave Jo at home for a week and not worry about her. Princess can be left home alone for a week when we go on vacation and will be fine, if plenty of food and water is out for her. Jo may eat all of the food right away and needs to go outside to potty. Even when at home, Jo needs let outside, walked, bathed, etc., so definitely takes more work than Princess but I am realizing dogs (at least my dog) is more fun than the cat. Doesn't mean I love Princess any less than Jo, though. They are two sweet girls!

Side A Comment

The Boss - 8/8/12 @ 6:05 AM:
There have been very few cats that I've truly loved but have yet to find a dog that doesn't own a spot in my heart. I'm simply a sap for dogs. So much so that our daughter is named after our jack russel that we lost a few years ago. We miss our sweet Rachael; she was one unique girl as is our baby girl Rachael.

Side A Comment

DollyFan - 8/8/12 @ 5:48 AM:
I have a dog and a cat and love them both. Have had Princess (cat) for 16 years and Jo (dog) for a year and a half. Always thought I was a cat person. Some things change. There are good and bad to both animals, so thought I would see what others thought. I wanted to use pictures of my pets but can't figure out how to load a picture for a rivalry. I know I used to do it but have forgotten, I guess. Maybe Ryan can remind me? Lol
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