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In what seems to be a long running tradition President Obama joked about scandals during his tenure as did George W. Bush when he was President. Is the Correspondents dinner and its content good fun or distasteful and disrespectful?


Posted by in Politics / Other on 4/29/12
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The Boss - 5/9/12 @ 8:09 AM: Validated Ego
When Bush was in office I honestly wasn't nearly as involved in politics as I am now but I do remember thinking that's pretty damn inappropriate to be joking about looking for something that was supposedly the reason we went to war.

With that being said, Presidents should be able to have a sense of humor, crack open a beer in public, etc... but when it comes to real issues likes wasting Billions of dollars of hard working Americans on phony green companies or searching for the cause of war under a desk is too much in my opinion.

Neutral Comment

LIBERAL - 5/2/12 @ 8:55 AM:
I chose the middle ground for a very good reason. It's one thing to make light of personal scandals like kicking a dog or a slip of the tongue. It was distasteful to make light of Clinton's affair, because it's just not funny. He cheated on his wife. That was a horrible thing to do. He or anyone else should never make light of such a personal thing. I hope he didn't. What is deplorable is Bush pulling the crap about looking under his desk for WMD's. That's not even the slightest funny. This is the excuse for which he and his administration used for waging a war against another country and costing the countless lives of American soldiers. It dishonors and disrespects the memories of many good women and men and the families they left behind.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 5/2/12 @ 8:04 AM: Validated Ego
I'm just curious, was it just good fun when Bush showed images of himself looking under his desk claiming he was still looking for WMD?
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