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Is Danica the real deal or should she step aside and let the men handle things?


Posted by in Sports / Racing on 7/07/08
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gonzo - 7/7/08 @ 11:48 PM:
I gotta say "the" scientific method comes into play here to. No I think its cool that she is one of the first and it seems to do pretty well. And not looking bad in a swim suit kinda helps. What I'm a guy and guys don't say bravo except at the end of broke back mountain or a gay porn.
The Boss - 7/8/08 @ 9:28 PM: Ally | Side A
Most guys don't watch Ellen and and so you think you can dance, so bravo to me!

Side A Comment

The Boss - 7/7/08 @ 5:29 PM:
I personally think its amazing how well she does in the Indy Series. She actually won her first race not too long ago, Bravo Danica.
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