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The Dancing Man

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A friend sent this video to me. Who do you think wons the dance off between the dog and man?


Posted by in Other / Humor on 8/25/09

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Side A Comment

gonzo - 9/25/09 @ 8:50 PM:
oh man that was great. the guy was limited, the dog had talent if he wasnt wearing a giant head.

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 9/23/09 @ 12:01 AM:
I've got to give it to the dog. It would not be easy to dance in that costume.

Side B Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 8/26/09 @ 1:51 AM:
What the hell was that dog doing? The tippy-toe dance?? That dude was doing like flips and &&## on his head!

Side A Comment

Jeff - 8/26/09 @ 12:03 AM:
Dog all the way my friend
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