Congressman Issa Looking for Justice?

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Looking to make a name for himself?

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Are the actions of Congressman Issa really about justice, or is he simply trying to make a name for himself?

Posted by in Politics / News on 7/04/12
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The Boss - 7/4/12 @ 7:21 PM:
I'm definitely closer to side A on this one but the simple fact is that 99.9999999999% of politicians very rarely take actions because it's the right thing to do is why I'm taking a neutral stance.. Nearly all politicians have teams of people weighing the political downfall or benefit of any action taken. That's one of the problems with DC, it's full of politicians.

I actually attempted to watch MSNBC again the other day and again threw up in my mouth as they had a show full of guest saying anything they could to minimize the gun running scandal. This is why no news outlet can be trusted because just like the blunder of Fox News muting a guest who mentioned the Keating scandal during the 2008 presidential campaign they will skew the coverage to their political view.

I do find it funny that democrats are attempting to discredit people for asking legitimate questions about a scandal that cost American and Mexican lives. Maybe we should be asking why President Obama invoked the Executive Privilege and what exactly his administration is hiding?
LIBERAL - 7/5/12 @ 5:21 PM: Rival | Side B
LOL. Ryan, what have I told you about that? Stop watching mainstream media. Whether it's liberal MSNBC or conservative FOX, you will only get whatever agenda they wish to force feed you. Democrat or Republican, polticians rarely choose to do things like this because they believe it's the right thing to do. I admit though, every time Issa opens his mouth I too throw up a little in mine.

I can make assumptions all day long as to why any President has used Executive Privilege, but it won't make me right. It won't mean that it was because they were being dishonest, or that they were doing so to protect the integrity or lives of others. It just means they are protecting information for one reason or another.

When Bush used Executive Privilege several times I never questioned why? I never assumed he was hiding anything. I would like to think he was doing it for a good reason. I'll never know, and quite frankly, I don't need to.

I do find it hypocritical though that Congress held Holder in contempt when Alberto Gonzalez's admission of knowing all about "Fast and Furious" never brought forth a single charge.

Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 7/4/12 @ 6:19 PM:
So far Congressman Issa has issued subpoenas for thousands of documents which thus far Attorney General Eric Holder has refused to release. After much debate President Barack Obama finally did something he has never done. He claimed Executive Privilege for the first time during his administration. Now the House has issued a charge of contempt against the Attorney General. Is this really about finding out the "truth"? Is it really a fact-finding mission in order to bring about justice, or just another "dog and pony" show by the republicans to embarrass Holder and Obama's administration in the hopes it will hurt Obama's re-election? Or is it something simpler than that? Issa 2016? Did Issa simply jump on the bandwagon in hopes of riding it all the way to the White House? What's your opinion?
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