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When going on vacation would you rather rent a condo or a hotel room?


Posted by in Other / Travel on 8/28/11
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maddy crossie - 9/22/11 @ 12:44 AM:
Hey i pick this side because i thinks its alright

Side B Comment

Daren Lch - 9/13/11 @ 3:32 AM:
I guess I should say it depends on the length of my stay..if it's a short trip, hotel is definitely better for the lesser hassle but for a longer trip, condo is more like a home and comfortable!

Side A Comment

Jeff - 9/9/11 @ 7:30 PM:
I pick Resorts lol though all i ever stayed at was hotels i think a condo would be cool

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The Boss - 9/6/11 @ 8:57 PM:
Of course you have to do your research but hands down for cost and amenities Condos are the way to go.

Neutral Comment

TNinfidel - 8/29/11 @ 2:42 PM:
It depends on the hotel. Some have rooms with full kitchens. Gotta have a kitchen!
cutie122403 - 9/12/11 @ 9:49 PM: Rival | Side A
True but for the money you may as well get a Condo.

Side B Comment

Sarah Forester - 8/29/11 @ 2:34 PM:
I voted hotel, but that is simply because i LOVE staying in a nice hotel and have never stayed in a condo. =) I may have a different answer if I were to ever stay in a condo on vacation.

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 8/28/11 @ 5:31 PM:
Definitely a condo. It has everything you need and typically they are nicer than hotel rooms. Also they are normally cheaper.
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