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Let's get down to business. What really came first, the Chicken or the Egg?


Posted by in Other / Humor on 3/01/09
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markei - 3/4/09 @ 6:32 PM:
When I was like 10 I got a Lewis Carroll book for my birthday that had a poem and I can't remember it and an internet search doesn't bring it up. It ended something like ...eggs come from chickens with legs and chickens come from eggs with no legs under 'em, what a conundrum!
Does anbody know that poem?(the correct way)

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Jeff - 3/2/09 @ 8:49 PM:
I agree MARV

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AugTheCnqror - 3/2/09 @ 1:55 PM:
old testament, Genesis, chapter 2: 19-20. If you believe in the bible, then God made the chicken first. if you don't believe in the bible, then flip a coin.
MARV - 3/2/09 @ 7:47 PM: Ally | Side A
yep, i believe GOD had something to do with this. case closed.
cutie122403 - 3/3/09 @ 11:30 PM: Ally | Side A
Yeah, this is true. Then the egg would come next.
The Boss - 3/4/09 @ 10:45 AM: Rival | Side B
I suddenly feel completely educated with this expression. I'd say your comment sums it up.

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cutie122403 - 3/1/09 @ 11:04 PM:
You have to have the chicken to get the egg.
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