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Do you believe cheerleading is an actual sport or is it just a physical activity? Consider competitions in your opinion as well.


Posted by in Sports / Football on 10/04/10
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TattedAngel - 11/20/10 @ 2:05 PM:
To some it may just be an activity, but there are some that actually make a career out of it, and bust their hinies to do so. It's hard work! I do believe it's a sport, as much as I believe dancing is a sport. Another thought, it take more cardio to be a cheerleader/dancer than it does to golf, and that is considered a sport...

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gonzo - 10/23/10 @ 6:32 PM:
well high school to pro there isnt much skill its more of just dancing, which a little off the subject is why i hate the marine corps silent drill team, the college level cheer leaders and some of the high school ones are pretty competitive but seems more like gymnastics. I dunno pro dance squads and cheer squads kinda make it a pretty pom pom thing.

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islandgirl - 10/23/10 @ 5:17 PM:
I go with sport on the condition that the cheerleading is competitive. In other words, you have to be doing the kind of cheerleading (the type I believe mama kaz is referencing) in pursuit of a trophy. I coached cheerleading for 11 years on the competitive level and those girls worked themselves to death for those pieces of plastic. If you're just hanging out on the sidelines shaking pom poms (or just yourself) to be popular,'re not in a sport. Don't give me that excuse about there being no points involved either. Diving, figure skating, gymnastics, AND cheerleading--all judged sports, all awarded points.
The Boss - 10/23/10 @ 5:53 PM: Ally | Side A
Okay, you just convinced me to switch sides. I completely agree.

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mama kaz - 10/12/10 @ 10:17 AM:
I have to go with sport. Have you watched what they do lately? It takes extensive training and practice to do he stuff they do. It's a little scary to watch sometimes.

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cutie122403 - 10/6/10 @ 11:31 PM:
I do not see Cheerleading as a sport. It is more of an activity in my opinion.
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