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Does the overwhelming support from Hollywood heavy hitters like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Oprah, etc… for President Obama help or hurt your opinion of him? Do these endorsements and fundraisers influence your opinion at all?


Posted by in Politics / Elections on 6/17/12
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Side B Comment

Sarah Forester - 6/19/12 @ 8:09 AM:
celebrities get paid to pretend! makes sense to me, right? =)

Neutral Comment

LIBERAL - 6/19/12 @ 1:31 AM:
With very few exceptions I believe a celebrity's endorsement neither helps nor hurts a political candidate. I actually pay no attention to this kind of press because it does not determine one way or the other how I feel about or see most candidates. Anyone that likes a particular politician because of a celebrity is a fool anyway.

I find it humorous though Ryan that you are blasting the so-called elitist progressive celebs when there are just as many elitist conservative celebs who do the same for anyone on a republican ticket. Remember, that for every Clooney there is a Nugent.

By the way, the only reason you receive emails about the Obama campaign trying to raise money is because Romney doesn't have to. Not when people like the Koch brothers, Trump, and many others like them are so willing to let loose their personal purse strings. Must be nice to try to buy a Presidency instead of winning one. ;-)
The Boss - 6/19/12 @ 9:24 AM: Rival | Side B
Do you really think for one second the ratio of lefties vs righties in Hollywood is even close to even? That's utter nonesense.

By the way the only reason I receive emails from the Obama campaign is because I signed up to receive them because I enjoy a daily chuckle from the rhetoric they spread out. You know that ...ole the rich are evil and don't pay enough taxes, ...the gop wants you to pay more for health care, ...the republicans don't want americans to get back to work, etc...

Wow! Attempting to buy a presidency? Isn't that what both the clowns do EVERY election cycle?

Wasn't it you who a few months back expressed how happy you were that the GOP primary was stretching out because Obama was out raising the GOP by leaps and bounds(believe you mentioned the broke status of the GOP) and the conflict in the party only helped your candidate? (Paraphrasing of course, can't remember the exact comment.)

If I had more time I'd pull up the statistics on Obamas arsenal for this re-election bid and then ask the question again, who is buying the presidency? I can think of a recent example of purchased election: Bill Haslam here in Tennessee. Trust me, I'd be happy to see SERIOUS campaign reform. The kind of reform that barred corporations and unions from contributing and only allow individuals to contribute with a maximum monthly amount of something like $100. This is the only way to ensure elections aren't bought but until something severe is done to change the campaigns we will continue to have TWO elitist candidates attempting to purchase an election, your candidate included.
LIBERAL - 6/19/12 @ 6:30 PM: Ally | Neutral
LOL. Do you really think I'm naive Ryan? Of course I know that Hollywood tends to be more liberal than most. What a celebrity thinks is actually inconsequential to me though. I could care less.

Yes, I did say I was glad that the GOP was still tied up in their nominees only because I knew that Romney pretty much had the nomination tied up except for a few more states. The reason behind that was because I knew what kind of financial support Romney would gain in the coming months. He has already surpassed Obama in May by almost $17 million.

His rich friends will no doubt raise even more, and that is why I said what I said. I know for now that Obama has raised more, but that could quickly change in the bat of an eye with the kind of friends and organizations that Romney has in his back pocket.

I would love to see major campaign finance reform, but how will we ever see this when our own Supreme Court justifies that corporations are "people" too, and basically allow them unlimited donations. I'm not an idiot, so please don't remind me that Barack Obama has taken money from some as well. I know he has, but as long as it is the law of the land then he should be just as capable of taking it as any Republican nominee. I would like to see NO one doing this, but it's gonna take change. It will also take a reversal from the current conservative dominated Supreme Court. Do we really think that's gonna happen any time soon? (Sarcasm greatly intended)

By the way, please don't lop President Obama into the category of elitist. It elevates my opinion of the category... ...and I'm sure most millionaires and billionaires would take great offense to it considering he only makes a few hundred thousand a year.

The Boss - 6/19/12 @ 7:05 PM: Rival | Side B
Rick he is absolutely an elitist. You don't go from junior senator to president in three years without being in that special club. No true value can be placed on Power. Who cares about millions of dollars when you throw trillions around? Besides if you can't get congress to agree with you just issue an executive order. ;) (I realize it's a power abused by both parties)

Don't forget to include unions into consideration for the supreme court ruling. If unions can come to the party I have no problem with corporations doing so. With me it's get rid of both or leave them both in place to counteract one another.
The Boss - 6/19/12 @ 7:08 PM: Rival | Side B
btw, no I don't think you're that niave.
LIBERAL - 6/19/12 @ 7:22 PM: Ally | Neutral
LOL. Ryan, it's all right. I was being facetious. Actually about most of my comments concerning Obama and the Citizens United ruling. I agree with you. I want it done away with as soon as possible.

LOL. Don't get me started on the DREAM Act. Besides, you already know what my opinion on the matter is as well as I believe I know yours.
The Boss - 6/19/12 @ 7:48 PM: Rival | Side B
Forgot to mention I obviously don't agree with the need for the sway change of the high court but I'm sure you knew that already. If we had a liberal court who knows we might wake up unarmed peasants in a few years. ;)
LIBERAL - 6/19/12 @ 8:18 PM: Ally | Neutral
Oh, now come on Ryan. I would expect that type of comment from a Teabagger, but really? No liberal wants to take away the right to own a gun. That's just ridiculous right-wing propoganda. I agree that I don't see the necessity of stockpiling weapons like some of these idiots do, but no one wants to erase the right entirely. It simply is a means to reduce the type of behavior like those of Waco and other crazies. Not to mention to limit the possibility of criminals getting their hands on weapons they should NOT possess. The position of most liberals is gun control not gun elimination.
The Boss - 6/19/12 @ 8:39 PM: Rival | Side B
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Side B Comment

The Boss - 6/17/12 @ 2:21 PM:
I'd imagine this is one of those issues that will split down party lines but I'm sure there are some independent thinkers out there that aren't amused by the progressive influence these celebrities have over the idiotic dumb-masses not to mention the close relationships they have with our president.

Obviously I get nauseated anytime one of these elitist celebs opens their mouth spewing progressive rhetoric but it is their right as it is their right to use their influence to help a like minded president. Not that Obama could ever gain my support but being surrounded by Hollywood brass doesn't do anything but further turn me off to anything he has to say.

It seems like once a week I get an email from the Obama campaign touting another dinner with X celebrity and a plea from Joe, Michelle, or Barack to donate for a chance to win a seat. Folks this is real life, not Hollywood special effects, screenplays, and fake boobs.
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