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Verizon Wireless (Big Red) has announced they will no longer be honoring unlimited data plans for their long loyal customers who were grandfathered in. Will this cost them major market share or is it smart business to lie to customers?


Posted by in Business / Companies on 5/30/12
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Side A Comment

DollyFan - 7/24/12 @ 1:52 AM:
Well, this rivalry was one sided to begin with. Who in their right mind would vote that axing unlimited from long time customers who had been grandfathered in was good business? Anyway, just like companies no longer have loyalty to their employees, businesses no longer have loyalty to their customers.

Side A Comment

mama kaz - 6/12/12 @ 7:16 AM:
Verizon is making a big mistake! Other companies will benefit from it as their customers will leave to seek unlimited data elsewhere. When will companies learn the value of keeping promises?

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The Boss - 5/30/12 @ 6:39 PM:
Rant Warning!

Let me start by saying I have invested nearly $700 dollars in signal amplification equipment just to be able to get Verizons signal at my house. I did so because I heavily rely on my phone for my data and have been paying for an unlimited data plan from Verizon for nearly three years now.

I also purchased a Droid Bionic after waiting months and months to buy the device only to be disappointed with horrendous bugs, VERY slow updates, and what was possibly the worst digital camera phone I've seen on a smart phone (I've actually seen flip phones with better cameras. It's since been corrected but took nearly a year to update).

I despised the Bionic so much I forked out some extra dough and purchased the "Pure Google" (What an F'ing Joke!) Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first phone with Ice Cream Sandwich. Well, six month in to ownership and there hasn't been one single update for this phone and as Google has pointed out it's Big Red (Verizon) to blame for the delays. This phone is very nice but what isn't nice is the horrible signal, stuttering keyboard, and whopping 6 hour battery with regular use.

Now after Verizon has stuck it to me with two different smart phones and after I've been reassured time and time again from Verizon reps that I will be able to keep my unlimited package I'm now reading that they will be stripping unlimited plans from their grandfathered loyal customers.

Here's what I have to say to you Verizon. &%$% You! As soon as I'm forced from my unlimited package I will be going to your competition and enjoy doing so. So in the wise words of toll booth willy, "Here's a dollar twenty five and go #$@% Yourself".
LIBERAL - 6/3/12 @ 8:27 PM: Rival | Neutral
I assume of course you mean AT&T. If indeed that is the case I just thought I would warn you of something. Though you may face improvements in most areas of service with AT&T instead of Verizon I'm afraid one thing will not change.

I have had both services within the last 2 years and you will undoubtedly experience the same signal strength woes with their competitor. I don't really understand this, but have experienced it many times at my mom and dad's house. While I currently have service through Verizon and my little brother through AT&T, neither of us can get ^*@$ for a signal near my parent's home. I say it is odd simply for the matter that both are the major carriers in this area. One would think that one of us would have a better signal, but that simply just isn't the case. So, good luck where that is concerned. I really hope that works out for you.
The Boss - 6/3/12 @ 8:44 PM: Ally | Side A
Thanks for the feedback but in all likelihood I would be going to Us Cellular or Sprint. I left Att for Verizon because they were reducing the number of towers in our region and it showed with horrible signal.

I actually have a great signal with my Sprint work phone here at the house and they are the only carrier to still offer an unlimited package.
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