Bridge to Nowhere. Waste of Tax Money

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Great for Alcoa. I Love It!

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At a cost of 1.8 Million dollars do you feel the pedestrian walkway is tax dollars spent wisely or is this nothing more than a "Bridge to Nowhere"? Is East Tennessee wasting money like Washington?


Posted by in Business / Economy on 10/04/10
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mama kaz - 10/12/10 @ 10:14 AM:
I couldn't believe they put it down there! It might have made a little sense if they had put it down by the shopping area. And they should have at least painted it orange. I agree it was a completely unnecessary waste of money.

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big ben - 10/11/10 @ 7:54 PM:
The bridge leads people to a bad part of town. I do not think it is a good idea for the money. Joggers, in my opinion, are going to to be vulnerable to crime in this part of the green way due to its location.

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cutie122403 - 10/6/10 @ 11:33 PM:
WOW are you serious!! A pedestrian walkway?! And for 1.8 million dollars. I had No idea that's what it was for. What a waste of money!

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Sarah Forester - 10/4/10 @ 9:37 PM:
I thought it was going to be an overpass until Friday when i saw on the news it was a pedestrian walkway. I could not believe it. stupid!

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The Boss - 10/4/10 @ 7:45 PM:
I'll be honest with you. Every time I drive by this construction site (5 days a week) I get absolutely disgusted. What I originally thought was 1.5 million dollars of wasted money is actually 1.8 million dollars of wasted money. I can't believe we'd waste money on something like this that truly does lead to nowhere. I can't wait for November.
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