Bill Haslam is Buying the Election

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Worthy Candidate. Has my Vote.

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If you watched the 2010 Tennessee Gubernatorial debate, listened to the campaign ads and interviews on the radio you’ve heard Ron Ramsey and Zach Wamp both claim that Bill Haslam is attempting to buy the governorship. Is this the case?


Posted by in Politics / Candidates on 7/29/10

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The Boss - 7/29/10 @ 9:48 PM:
Here are some noteworthy links if you'd like to research the candidates before you head to the election booth.

Bill Haslam (R):

Ron Ramsey (R):

Zach Wamp (R):

Mike McWherter (D):

Watch the Debate:

This one won't help you decide but it will make you laugh. This is serious.

Without further ado I give you Basil Marceaux. The guy who could be our next governor. I'd say he's pro 2nd Amendment what say you?

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