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What do you find more believable? According to the big bang theory the universe started with a single atom that exploded causing a reaction that created a universe that stretches billions of light years or a God created the universe.


Posted by in Science / Space on 6/21/11
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Side A Comment

gonzo - 7/11/11 @ 9:59 PM:
I personally think blind faith is stupid. Im not saying your stupid. i think believing in something becasue everyone thinks its what your supposed to beleive in is wrong. Lets assume for a moment that the Kind James verson of the bible wasnt the first version and every other version since was someones interpretation of and translation of something else. Its not that i dont believe in A god, its that i dont beleive in the one that man created.
The Boss - 7/11/11 @ 10:11 PM: Rival | Neutral
Very well put. Imagine a joke. Someone tells you funny joke, you attempt to tell someone else that joke and end up modifying it because we're all a bit stupid and can't remember things word for word or in my case I slaughter the joke. Now times that by two thousand years; a lot of room for discrepancies.

Side A Comment

gonzo - 7/5/11 @ 4:54 PM:
I think theres a difference between blind faith and God. I believe in the presence if a higher power, but i dont believe it snapped its fingers and made man and the earth.

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 7/3/11 @ 9:26 PM:
God created the heavens and the earth. I'm not sure what happened to people having Faith. I personally think Scientists are somewhat stupid and they don't even believe in God so of course they are going to come up with every excuse for why something is the way it is.
TNinfidel - 7/11/11 @ 2:51 PM: Rival | Side A
What makes you think most scientists don't believe in a god? You think someone is "stupid" because they don't believe in your particular imaginary sky friend? Some might argue that those who believe in sky fairies might be a "brick shy of a load".
cutie122403 - 7/11/11 @ 7:39 PM: Ally | Side B
Because they spend their entire lives trying to disprove everything that has to do with him. I never said Anyone and Everyone that does not believe in God is "Stupid". I do feel for those who don't believe.
TNinfidel - 7/11/11 @ 9:32 PM: Rival | Side A
I'll ask you, who wrote the Christian Bible? Do you believe the literal interpretation of Genesis?Do you limit the way in which your god creates?
You were pretty specific about who was "stupid" and that they don't believe in gods.Generalizations are never very wise.
cutie122403 - 7/14/11 @ 10:56 PM: Ally | Side B
We all interpret the Bible in our own way. I will believe in my God and you can believe in whatever it is you believe. Genesis is very confusing and I don't know if anyone fully understands it 100%. Why is it that you do not believe there is even a god?
TNinfidel - 7/16/11 @ 2:36 AM: Rival | Side A
I don't believe in gods because it makes no sense that a being could create itself and then why would it create things to worship it? It is farrrrrrrrr out there to me.

As for where the universe came from, I don't know, but I'm not going to make up stories about some omnipotent beings to try to explain it. Just the facts ma'am...

Side A Comment

TNinfidel - 6/27/11 @ 9:05 PM: Validated Ego
I have no problem with religion as long as it doesn't seek to stifle and oppress. My view is that science simply explains the processes. Science can't answer the questions of whether gods exist or not. That is a matter of faith.

Side A Comment

TNinfidel - 6/27/11 @ 3:25 PM: Validated Ego
Ok, so who created your god/gods? It really doesn't make any sense.
The Boss - 6/27/11 @ 6:30 PM: Rival | Neutral
That's the conundrum. What's more likely? God(s) just existed or an atom that led to the creation of a constant growing universe just existed. Both lack evidence of origination which is why is why it's likely a question we'll never be able to answer. IMO
TNinfidel - 6/27/11 @ 8:12 PM: Ally | Side A
The universe didn't start with an atom. It started as a singularity. An unfathomable amount of mass squeezed into an unimaginably small space. I would suggest reading "A Brief History of Time" by Steven Hawking. He explains thing very well.

There is much evidence for the "Big Bang's" Origination. Although, you can never know what existed before the event. You are right though about there being no evidence for gods. That is a matter of faith and can be proven or disproven.
The Boss - 6/27/11 @ 8:23 PM: Rival | Neutral
Where did the unfathomable amount of mass originate? Who, what, how did that mass get squeezed?
The Boss - 6/27/11 @ 8:24 PM: Rival | Neutral
As far as we know nothing just exists, do you see where I'm coming from?
TNinfidel - 6/27/11 @ 9:00 PM: Ally | Side A
Yes, but I am not going to make up things just to make myself feel better or attempt to explain things I don't understand. Personally, I need evidence.
The Boss - 6/27/11 @ 9:11 PM: Rival | Neutral
I hear you and completely agree. I'm a very factual based person which has made religion very difficult for me.

Neutral Comment

The Boss - 6/21/11 @ 7:06 PM:
If anyone has any suggestions of a good intermediate telescope please let me know. I'm currently looking at this one or it's smaller brother.
TNinfidel - 6/27/11 @ 3:37 PM: Rival | Side A
That's a great choice Ryan. You may want to consider the weight of the scope. I wouldn't start out with anything bigger than a 10in alt-azimuth scope. The 10in scope will show galaxies and nebula better than a 8in but, the 8in scope is easier to haul around.
The Boss - 6/27/11 @ 6:30 PM: Ally | Neutral
Thanks. I'm going to start saving up for the scope but will likely hit you up with questions when it arrives.
TNinfidel - 6/27/11 @ 8:02 PM: Rival | Side A
Feel free to call or email me. I'm happy to help.

Neutral Comment

The Boss - 6/21/11 @ 6:36 PM:
I've recently found myself watching numerous documentaries on the universe, planets, stars, etc... and something has struck me as very odd.

What I find odd is that the scientists who dismiss religion have put a lot of Faith in a theory that is based on a single atom just existing with no explanation as to where it came from.

I'm taking a neutral stance because I think the majority of the claims in the big bang theory make sense but can't find myself willing to believe something just existed especially when those who are making the claims mock those who believe a God just existed. Frankly I think the odds of a God just existing is more likely than some super atom just existing.

I've been thinking about this a bit but what if a Deity created the atom? In turn would be the creator of the universe. Just some food for thought. That would be far more believable than an atom just existing.

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