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States, Cities Disobeying Federal Law

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Sanctuary cities across the US are blatantly defying federal immigration laws while Arizona is only attempting to reinforce and support federal laws already on the books. So I pose this question, who should the white house be suing?


Posted by in Politics / News on 7/14/10

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cutie122403 - 7/16/10 @ 6:33 PM:
I really wish they would leave Arizona alone. I applaud them!

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Olivia Newton - 7/14/10 @ 7:07 PM:
You're so right, Mama Kaz! Illegal aliens are............illegal! They should have no rights. Why are we picking up the tab for their lives, while they are causing our crime rate to go up, and up, and up.and taking our hard earned money? Every state should follow Arizona's lead.

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mama kaz - 7/14/10 @ 6:13 PM:
Anyone who thinks the federal govt should be suing Arizona should spend some time online looking up crime statistics.
cutie122403 - 7/22/10 @ 10:28 PM: Ally | Side B
Yes, I once watched a show on tv that was on the crime in Arizona surrounding the border. It was very interesting. There is more crime than anyone knows.
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