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After surviving pancreatic cancer (liver transplant) in 2004 Steve Jobs has announced a medical leave of absence that came with mixed results in market. Is Apple better off with the instability of Jobs or searching for the next Great Mind?


Posted by in Tech / Companies on 1/19/11

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El Capitan - 1/28/11 @ 11:09 AM:
We ALL need Jobs!

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The Boss - 1/19/11 @ 5:15 AM:
Jobs is iconic and few people think of Apple without associating it with Jobs. I'd have to say if the facts behind the scenes are dire then I would suggest QUIETLY searching for a replacement but if it's a condition that comes with a significant recovery rate I'd stand by the man.

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The Boss - 1/19/11 @ 5:06 AM:
"Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive, is likely to be suffering from a recurrent cancer tumour of the pancreas or complications relating to his earlier surgery to deal with the disease, doctors said today.

Richard Ross, a professor of endocrinology at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield, said that a hormone imbalance could be a result of his earlier surgery.

"Pancreatic cancers are typically extremely aggressive and people die fairly often from them, but there are less common types of tumour, known as carcinoid tumours, which are more benign and run a benign course.

"My suspicion, based on the limited information we have, is that Mr Jobs had, or currently has, a benign tumour of the pancreas and is suffering problems related to that.

"Treatment is usually an operation to remove the tumour but, depending on how much of his pancreas or small bowel he had removed, he may be deficient in enzymes which regulate the digestion of protein and fats.

"Alternatively, he may be deficient in insulin, which is also produced by the pancreas and would require him to take regular insulin injections."

A common imbalance of this type is diabetes. If so, this news is not necessarily devastating and the treatment could still be "simple and straightforward", as Mr Jobs has suggested.

Both diagnoses would be consistent with dramatic weight loss and could be treated either with nutritional supplements mixed in with food or insulin, Professor Ross said." Source:

According to the Washington Post: "Monday's announcement that Jobs is taking a medical leave of absence for an undetermined length of time dragged down Apple's shares Tuesday. The stock fell sharply at the opening bell by as much as 8 percent but pared back some losses to end the day down 2.3 percent." Source: Washington Post
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