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After submitting quality sites to DMOZ and Yahoo (Free method) with little to no success after a couple of years waiting I’m forced to ask the question; Is it worth $300 to guarantee a review of a webste for Yahoos Directory?


Posted by in Tech / Websites on 7/08/11

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The Boss - 7/8/11 @ 9:46 AM:
I've been on the fence a lot lately but this is a $300 question. I've read many differing opinions but still can't decide if it's worth the investment.

I've read that getting listed with Yahoo's directory just about cements getting listed with DMOZ and others which if true may be what makes it worth the money.

One thing is for sure, Google doesn't view a link from yahoo the same as a paid directory link of lower quality which Matt explains in the following video.

This video is from 2009. I wonder if Google's opinion has changed since then?
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