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  • The Boss - 2/11/17 @ 9:43 AM
    This is where I tend to part ways with the Libertarians which I tend to align with on many issues. We have every right to control access to our nation and I have no issue with the wall being built. With the human trafficking and drug smuggling alone a wall makes sense. Yes it's a big broad border but a wall is LONG over due.

  • The Boss - 9/8/16 @ 2:50 PM
    So PS4 Pro was just announced and it does not have a UHD blu-ray drive. That is a deal breaker for me. Even the Xbox ONE S has a UHD drive. What a horrendous decision by Sony. I initially chose a PS3 over the XBOX 360 due to the blu-ray drive and it looks like Sony is pushing me back into the arms of Microsoft. FAIL Sony!!!!

  • DollyFan - 7/1/15 @ 11:27 PM
    As a gay man, I am fine with the government giving me equality and recognition. I would never sue a church or a clergy member for not wanting to perform my wedding ceremony. I would want to find someone and someplace that has the desire to accept me and my marriage. Separation of church and sate. If there is a business such as a pizza parlor or hardware store that wants to treat gays differently and refuse service to gays, then by all means, they should not be exempt from being sued. Go Episcopslians for allowing gays to marry in your churches!

  • Sarah Forester - 1/24/15 @ 7:44 PM
    It is my understanding that both home and away teams handle their own balls. No pun intended. Haha. I am sick of hearing about the Patriots balls. Maybe they knew, maybe they didn't? Regardless they scored 17 in the first half with "deflated balls" and 28 in the second half after the balls were supposedly filled to the proper weight. The colts scored 7 in the first half and 0 in the second. I bet they will have a scale on the field for the super bowl. Every team in the national fakers league cheats. IMO but, I still love it.

  • The Boss - 1/24/15 @ 2:19 PM
    I guess it would depend on the frequency. If it were daily then I would go with my inbox but if it was a one time deal; I'd eat some of that nasty canned meat product.
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  • The Boss - 1/24/15 @ 2:17 PM
    Regardless of the truth it's improbable the missing 2 psi would have had much of an impact on the game. I get the principle of the matter and the Patriots have some serious character issues so I get why people are upset but they won the game and would have regardless.

    I guess the better idea would be for the league to not give questionable people the ability to do shady *!!* like this. Here's a novel idea, let the Refs manage the balls instead of the home team. Or is that not in their union contract?

  • LIBERAL - 11/20/14 @ 2:38 PM
    I think it is very much obvious now that many in the media played on the public's fear for ratings purposes. If Ebola had been airborne would it not have been safe to assume that more west African countries would be effected? Instead it is just the opposite. Several countries have now eradicated this virus. Currently there are no cases of Ebola in America.

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