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Rental Agreement As Per Indian Law

Local laws apply to rental and rental contracts. Many local rent control laws, such as the Maharashtra Rent Act 1999, the Delhi Rent Act 1995, the Tamil Nadu Buildings (Lease and Rent Control) Act 1960 govern leases that are 12 months or more in favour of tenants. If the monthly rent to be paid for a property exceeds 3,500 Rs . ($76), the contract is subject to the Property Transfer Act (TPA) which entrusts responsibility to the owner, including (i) disclosure of information on property defects and (ii) the uninterrupted occupancy of the property during the agreed period (subject to regular visits by the owner to the inspection). In this case, there are more reasons to evacuate the tenants, but the situation is always at a disadvantage for the landlord. Most owners prefer a lease and a licensing agreement. This agreement grants the tenant only one licence to occupy the property for a period of 11 months, with a regular renewal option. Since rent control laws (which are largely in favour of tenants) apply only to leases of at least 12 months, the setting of an 11-month contract serves as a pre-emption measure. Hello, we have the tenants with us for 30 years. Without agreement and now they refuse to evacuate this place. How can we get them to evacuate this place through a trial? The place in question is in chattisgarh. Please advise you.

I slept in a rented house, recently 15 days back (May 15, 2010) I was evacuated from the house, During my stay, I signed an 11-month contract, and it was until Sep 2009 that was not renewed, and I received 1 month`s notification to the owner and within 15 days only emptied and I told the landlord to deduct the full month of rent and my deposit, the 3 months (6800 -3) i.e. 20400 /rs. During my stay because of the furniture, there are a few stains on the walls usually everything is fine. My landlord lives in the United States. After the evacuation, I sent so many emails about the repository that he didn`t react to those emails. 15 days have already passed. Some of his close relatives stay in town, I learned that he painted the whole house, without my insinuation. Do I have to pay the painting fee? Now I do not know ™ how to recover my deposit, please help me. Thanks and greetings Venkat My tenant rental and licensing system expired in August 2004.

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