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  • Kazzy - 4/10/14 @ 5:41 PM
    While I can't agree with it being a great pick I do think if they are after ratings he is a solid choice. I'm not a big fan of his or his liberal clone Jon Stewart but he'll likely do a good job and keeping Fallon from bogarting all of the ratings.

  • Kazzy - 4/8/14 @ 5:14 PM
    Regardless of party affiliation a man who has an affair with a subordinate has no business taking part in passing laws that affect the American people. Everything is compromised; character, trust, authority. Just as Billy boy should have actually been impeached and Weiner got the shaft, so to should Vance McAllister.

  • Kazzy - 4/7/14 @ 5:49 PM
    We just saw Divergent last night and while It's not a land slide I have to say I enjoyed Divergent more than Hunger Games.
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  • Kazzy - 4/7/14 @ 5:21 PM
    I've never owned a Vizio product but the full array back lighting along with being an affordable 4k television has my interest peeked. Will I be able to wait for it's release before making a purchase? I don't know but if the P-series lives up to the specs it would be an amazing television for an incredible price compared to competing 4k sets.

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