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I personally think the Yamaha looks more badass, but Suzuki has the Hayabusa...


Posted by in Other / Automobiles on 4/26/10

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bill72 - 7/16/11 @ 5:04 PM:
I have to go with the yamaha simply because I have owned one before. Also every suzuki I have ever seen has smoked after a while. To sum it all up.......Yamaha's are better built.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 5/4/10 @ 8:39 PM:
Its a crotch rocket of death! I would love to own one never gonna happen here either lol

Side B Comment

The Boss - 4/26/10 @ 9:39 PM:
It's a tough call but one thing is a very easy call; I will never own either. There is no way I'd trust myself with that much speed and only two wheels.
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