Nothing Wrong with Duggar Behavior

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At Some Point it should be Criminal

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At what point does popping kids out become immoral and reckless or does it ever so long as they can afford to take care of them? Forced Sterilization? Does TLC have a moral obligation to cease enabling the Duggars behavior?


Posted by in Entertainment / Television on 12/29/11
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Side A Comment

crimsonl - 1/2/12 @ 8:16 PM:
What I have seen from the show is that the parents are more involved than most parents. These parents are involved 24 hours per day in the lives of these children. I can't say that for anyone that lives around me.
The Boss - 1/2/12 @ 8:30 PM: Rival | Side B
We must be watching two different shows. I'm only kidding but damn how perspectives differ. Perhaps my comparison comes from my experience as a new parent.

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crimsonl - 1/2/12 @ 7:40 PM:
They are a great family. She didn't almost die from her last baby, she almost died from her gall bladder and the complications from that surgery.

The Duggars pay all their bills and take care of all their kids. They are not on welfare, and they are an awesome family.

If you haven't watched the show regularly you do not have a clue about how wonderful this family is and how much love they share with each other and the world.

If you don't like our freedoms in the USA, then you should look at moving your citizenship to a place like China.
The Boss - 1/2/12 @ 8:12 PM: Rival | Side B
While mostly I agree with you and of course as long as the welfare of the children isn't compromised then what they're doing is perfectly legal. However, due to my wife watching this show all of the time I have seen MANY episodes against my will and there is a tremendous problem I have with this family; the kids are raising the kids and the parents CANNOT provide an adequate amount of love and time to each and every child.

With that being said as long as they are paying their own way unlike Octo-mom then my only problem with them is simply my opinion on what each child should get from their parents.

However, at some point the child welfare should tip the scale of legality.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 12/30/11 @ 9:46 PM:
I agree completely I dont even care to watch their show.

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 12/30/11 @ 9:13 AM:
When is enough enough? These people are ridiculous. I stopped watching this show because they make me sick. She almost died with her last baby. She will probably get pregnant again and the same thing will happen. So irresponsible.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 12/29/11 @ 8:43 PM:
Fox News Article:

"Michelle Duggar has suffered a miscarriage with her 20th child, according to a report from
The “19 Kids and Counting” star, 45, and her husband Jim Bob Duggar learned the sad news while at a routine doctor’s appointment to learn the sex of the baby."

Read more: Fox News Article

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