would you rather be shot....

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or stabbed

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what say you....


Posted by in Other / Crimes on 3/16/09
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gonzo - 1/14/11 @ 10:04 PM:
a small caliber round doesnt just enter and exit. if the round hits a bone it will bounce around your body hitting vital organs and what not. I have seen a guy shot in the shoulder with an exit wound in his mid thigh. a big round will be a small entry wound but the exit wound could be pretty big. then you get into a 50cal round that can take an entire limb off. the 7.62 round out of an AK will hit and smash it self on a bone or go straight through so its not as bad as the 5.56 rounds out of our rifles.

either way ill take stabbing mostly because im more likely to get shot then stabbed. heres to hoping.hahahaha.

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manonfire - 6/6/09 @ 5:06 PM:
Better chance of surviving a shooting, so I'll take that.

Plus, a normal (not hollow point or other specialized) bullet would leave only a relatively small hole. If it hits an essential organ, you die, but there's a pretty low chance of that.

A knife is bigger and moves, and would go both in AND out, causing damage in its wake. Better chance of hitting an artery or an organ.

Plus, being shot would be sudden and probably less painful.

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SolutionDots - 4/24/09 @ 4:27 AM:
hahahahh Nice... quicker

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mama kaz - 3/18/09 @ 10:39 PM:
I wouldn't like either one very much but I think being shot would be less traumatic and painful than stabbing. I agree with Crystal, I hope I never find out.

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cutie122403 - 3/17/09 @ 11:00 PM:
Getting shot would definitely be quicker and less painless. Getting stabbed would be so painful. I pray to god that none of these ever happen to me.
AugTheCnqror - 3/18/09 @ 12:06 PM: Rival | Side B
i guess i should have siad this, but i mean if you were stabbed or shot and survived...so maybe that might change an answer or two.

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The Boss - 3/16/09 @ 4:02 PM:
The quicker the better.

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Jeff - 3/16/09 @ 3:47 PM:
At least being shot would be quick,unless whoever was doing the shooting was a bad shot
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