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Career you Enjoy. Lack of Family Time

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Which is more important to you? A job that allows plenty of time with your family or a career you enjoy but impedes with the family time?


Posted by in Other / Living on 12/27/10
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angrypossum - 1/3/11 @ 6:17 PM:
When I stop to think about it, I would not even consider starting a family without at least the halfway decent career I have. After my first divorce I decided that I would not go down that road again until I was more stable and able to take care of a family regardless if she was able or unable to work. When I learned I was to be a father, it really did not bother me because I make enough money to at least keep food on the table and a roof over my families head. So I call it a justified sacrifice. Every day that I come home totally exhausted and my child smiles at me and has everything he needs, I feel that I have accomplished what I set out to do that day.

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Olivia Newton - 1/3/11 @ 9:35 AM:
Family is indeed more important than a meaningful career, to me, at least, but if one will not be a good parent while holding down a responsible job with family time, then having a meaningful job will make that person happier with the small amount of time he is with his family. My father did not want to be a 'daddy' so he traveled, and loved his career. When he was forced to be home for an extended period of time, he was intolerable. So, there are two sides to this issue, I guess. Some people are not cut out to be parents, and should be sure not to bring little ones into the world.

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mama kaz - 1/2/11 @ 8:33 AM:
I loved my job and enjoyed going to work every day but I enjoyed coming home even more. I was given an opportunity to go to med school but I didn't want to sacrifice my family to do it. I'm grateful to those who are willing to work those grueling hours to get a business going or to go into a field like medicine to help others but it's not for me. I'm so grateful to have a husband who was willing to go back to work after taking an early retirement and give me the opportunity to stay home and be a grandma! He is a workaholic and nearly lost his mind the 3 days we were snowed in but I still appreciate him!

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Jeff - 12/29/10 @ 4:55 PM:
I completely agree and not saying family isnt important cause family is everything to me,what i mean is I would love to be able to work from home so I can be nearer to family something like computer repair and stuff.

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cutie122403 - 12/29/10 @ 2:09 PM:
To me Family is the most important thing. A lot of people think you have to go to college in order to have a "career" or be making a hundred thousand dollars a year, that is not so. A career is kind of what you make of it. Understanding that work is very important, my family will always be #1.

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The Boss - 12/28/10 @ 8:58 AM:
When I sit back and think about the way I perceived work vs career in the years past it's crazy to see how much my opinion on the matter has changed from late teens to nearing 30. The biggest element of my change is family; I've set a threshold for what I'm willing to sacrifice in family time to attain a great career.

For me, family holds more weight and will likely be what keeps me from landing a job that pays a large sum of money and is something I enjoy but in my opinion family is worth that sacrifice.

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Jeff - 12/27/10 @ 5:44 PM:
To me a career,even though we have to work I would love to have a career in some thing I have ideas on what I want but I always set them aside lol and just work.
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