We Are Safer with Obama in Office

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We Are Less Secure with Obama

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Considering the recent terrorist attacks (Fort Hood and Airplane in Detrioit) are we safer or in more danger with Obama?


Posted by in Politics / News on 12/27/09
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Side A Comment

DollyFan - 2/9/10 @ 11:46 AM:
I don't believe we are safer or less safe. I believe we are where we were when Obama took over, so we are where we were when Bush was in office. Again, it seems like another rivalry trying to be based against Obama.
The Boss - 2/9/10 @ 2:14 PM: Rival | Side B
Not based against Obama, based on the fact that he is our Current leader.

Obama has obvious foreign and intelligence policy differences when compared to Bush so to say we're equally at risk is inaccurate in my opinion. Look how well his open invitation to a no strings attached meeting with Iran has worked out for us. Look at the continued wars in Afganistan and Pakistan, even though he pledge on many occasions to put an end to the war. We still have troops in Iraq and are now in Pakistan which is a new battleground. Look at his not so friendly relationship with Israel. Look at the attempt to try Guantanamo terrorist in civilian courts. I could go on but this is enough to decide whether or not these policies make us safer or less secure. That's my two cents.

Side B Comment

LIBERAL - 1/16/10 @ 9:31 PM:
I know that most people who know me and see this are probably wondering if I've lost my mind. The answer is no. Let me elaborate why I've chosen this particular side. In no way whatsoever am I insinuating that I believe this administration is incapable of defending our country from a terrorist attack. In fact I believe quite the opposite. I do believe they are more than capable. What I also believe is that a terrorist who wants to kill Americans does not care who is president. They only care to show that they can kill us at any time, any where, and any way. What better way to prove all of this than to strike during a different presidency years after the first attack. This is the point and time to show their ability, their hatred of the American people, and their convictions. The question is, will we be ready? I certainly hope so.

Side B Comment

mama kaz - 1/9/10 @ 8:19 AM:
My puppy submitted my comment before I was finished. I was going to say that people are not going to see the point in working when most of their earnings are going to taxes. I have observed over the years that domestic military is always the first thing to take a hit when we come into hard times. It's already been cut and that makes me feel less safe. I'm also concerned with the kind of people Obama has appointed because some of them have very questionable backgrounds. It's not difficult to find the truth if you look for it. And, for the record, I am no longer a republican. I believe they are all corrupt and I am looking for a new start with some REAL change that I can actually believe in. We need some very couragous people with integrity who will rise up and try to change the path to destruction that we are on now. We need people who are not bought and paid for by unions and other lobbyists. I don't blame Obama for all of this because he is just a vehicle that is being used by some very powerful and corrupt people. It's becoming more obvious by the day that this is much bigger than Obama.

Side B Comment

mama kaz - 1/9/10 @ 8:05 AM:
I think we all recognize that military cuts are coming soon because our leaders are spending an obscene amount of money on all these social programs. They can only tax us so much because at some point people wi

Side A Comment

Tomegun - 1/7/10 @ 4:34 PM:
The way this question is asked clearly indicates someone who doesn't like President Obama. We are just as safe now as we were with Bush in office. Who was president when the towers went down?

Step from behind the Republican Kool Aid and realize this isn't entirely about who the President is. There are several agencies in place to protect our country and they operate regardless of the political party in control.

A better question is to ask how long are we going to play nice? We are dealing with enemies - terrorists - who couldn't care less about the Geneva Convention, rules of engagement, etc. We have the firepower, manpower and strategic plans to keep many threats at bay, but we play by the rules and they don't.
The Boss - 1/7/10 @ 8:14 PM: Rival | Side B
While you make some legitimate points you failed to mention that the President appoints the leaders of each of those organizations responsible for keeping us safe. Therefore, it isn't exactly sound to argue that the political party in control doesn't determine the safety of our country.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 12/30/09 @ 6:28 PM:
Though I was glad he won I too am concerned with our country.

Side B Comment

cutie122403 - 12/29/09 @ 11:28 PM:
We are not safe with him in office. Not to sound completely negative but I think things will only get worse. I have never felt this way in my life and been so involved in politics. I am very concerned for our country right now.
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