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Has the new technology made land lines obsolete? You might be surprised.


Posted by in Tech / Devices on 5/09/08

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mikka - 9/22/08 @ 9:24 PM:
For general quick information calls I use voip however if I am talking to friends or family - there is definately still a quality difference and no lag whatsoever using the normal telephone.

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SlashBe - 8/27/08 @ 10:15 PM:
Not only do I not watch tv. I dont even have a landline in my home.

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The Boss - 5/9/08 @ 10:15 PM:
HaHa, I had to find a picture with the phone cord showing. Not too mention VOIP is trying to make it obsolete which is symbolized by the old ass phone.

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Carlo - 5/9/08 @ 10:12 PM:
not only is landline the most badass, but it has to be rotary too.

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The Boss - 5/9/08 @ 6:33 PM:
I currently have both a land line and VOIP service providers. At it's current state, VOIP is not good enough to take over the good old land line. Just like the phone companies your used to, be prepared for taxes and fees. And if you need to be able to fax your looking at another ten dollars a month.
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