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Verizon has done their customers dirty with so called Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I like many purchased the phone due to Googles involvement with updates. Google has stripped the phone of the Nexus status. Is this bait and switch?


Posted by in Tech / News on 2/04/12
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The Boss - 2/4/12 @ 3:15 PM:
I've got to tell you, I am absolutely pissed off here. I purchased this phone because it came with Googles reputation regarding updates and now what. After holding out, even though the signal sucks I feel very violated right now. I was hoping for a firmware update to fix the inadequate signal but with Verizon behind the helm who knows what kind of support we'll be getting.

Verizon, your incompetence has me strongly considering another option when my contract expires.

The Boss - 2/4/12 @ 3:24 PM: Ally | Side A
I love it, at the end of the first commercial it says, "Pure Google". Absolute "Bait and Switch"
LIBERAL - 2/7/12 @ 1:55 AM: Rival | Side B
Just wanted you to know Kaz that I didn't pick the opposite side just because you picked the other. The truth of the matter is that this happens with most contracts. That's why they get away with it as often as they do. They figure by the time the contract has expired that you'll have conveniently forgotten their inept abilities to please their own customers and continue to stay with them because it would be less of a hassle. I'm not bad mouthing AT&T, but honestly I have had much better customer service and reception from Verizon ever since I switched over. They simply have a better coverage area across the United States than any other carrier I have ever tried. I'm not telling you to stay with Verizon, but I do believe you'd be better off sticking with them solely because their main competitor really can't compete. My mom and dad had Dish Network for the longest time, but when they chose not to carry the networks that covered the Dallas Maverick games they made the choice to go with DirectTV instead. They love the fact they can watch the games now, but they liked the setup and service that Dish always provided. Go with your gut I guess.
The Boss - 2/7/12 @ 8:38 PM: Ally | Side A
Thanks for your insight Rick. (Hope your doing well!) Before switching to Verizon we too had Att and we started having a lot of issues towards the end but overall I can't say Verizon has been overwhelmingly better for us. For starters we were supposed to be in a 3g (now 4g as well) coverage area but we aren't. We're in some kind of Verizon black hole of death. We had to buy a network extender to make our phones work at our house and even throughout the day we still get numerous dropped calls.

In all likelihood we'll probably stay with Verizon (They offer a company discount) but I am very agitated with the dropped Nexus status.
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