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Which is more disrespectful?


Posted by in Other / Humor on 12/16/08
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Side B Comment

IMac G-four - 3/31/14 @ 8:55 PM:
The finger. At least it's considered vulgar!

Side A Comment

Ripi - 12/22/08 @ 7:20 PM:
It's all cultural. When the Saddam statue came down..the Iraqy ppl were beating it with their shoes to show disrespect.
In the USA , the bird is our show of disrepect..eventho it is overused for the least little thing.
The Boss - 12/22/08 @ 7:38 PM: Ally | Side A
Ripi, If I'm being honest I've been the proud recipient of the bird on several occasions but I have yet to have a shoe thrown at me.

Side A Comment

Tomegun - 12/19/08 @ 8:11 PM:
Nikes only cost $80? :D

Side A Comment

The Boss - 12/18/08 @ 9:43 AM:
Here's the question. Why is it that Americans don't throw shoes as a sign of insult? Maybe it's because it's too hard to let go of an $80 pair of Nike's. What do you think?

Side A Comment

mama kaz - 12/18/08 @ 9:05 AM:
When I lived in California flipping the bird was done so frequently that it didn't seem to faze anybody. (I rarely see it here so maybe it would be more insulting to people in Tn. But throwing shoes seems to win overall as an insult and I just hope people don't start throwing shoes on the freeway now that they've seen this video.

Side A Comment

MARV - 12/17/08 @ 10:33 PM:
if Sadam had been in power,he would be hanged for that.

Side A Comment

cyberanto - 12/17/08 @ 2:52 PM:
In the arab world, and in other cultures too, throwing a shoe is one of the most disrespectful thing someone can do. Therefore, I hope that I never see a shoe flying towards me.

Side A Comment

sarahmcarr - 12/17/08 @ 2:15 PM:
I would be $!@#%# if a shoe came flying at me...unless if it was a Jimmy Choo ;-)

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 12/16/08 @ 10:51 PM:
He has some really good reflexes.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 12/16/08 @ 3:26 PM:
I've got to say if I was Bush I would have picked the shoe up and thrown it back at that SOB. It would have been like the old days when my brother and I would get into a fight and hurl large random objects at one another. Oh memories. Let's hear for Bush's reflexes. I can't wait for someone to turn that into a Matrix like scene.
Dennis Plucinik - 12/16/08 @ 3:56 PM: Ally | Side A
The Boss - 12/17/08 @ 2:19 PM: Ally | Side A
Dennis, that video was hilarious. Would have been a lot better if that guy didn't spend an additional five minutes rambling about random bs.
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