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Is there a benifit to supplements or can you get the same results from eating healthy?


Posted by in Health / Foods on 7/27/08
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wayne johnson - 5/31/11 @ 6:17 PM:
There is no supplement that can take the place of eating a healthy diet. However! There is no diet that can supply your body with every supplement that you need either. When I say supplement I don't me the latest "take this and get thin/ripped in 36 hours" type of supplement. I am talking about vitamins and minerals you know the things that you get from healthy eating. Everyone should be taking a good Multivitamin, Vitamin C, Fish Oil, Pro Biotics and something green such as Chlorella. When you combine those five supplements with a healthy Organic diet high in fruits and vegetables you will be at the top of your game. Learn more about Vitamins and what they mean to you:

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Ripi - 1/13/09 @ 6:14 PM:
Healthy eating is far better than any supplement. Supplements =corporations=marketing=moneymoneymoney.(out of your pocket instead of buy good food).

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JRISAPUMA - 9/7/08 @ 8:42 PM:
There is NO substitute for healthy eating. However, I feel that all-natural, organic supplements are perfectly acceptable.

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gonzo - 7/28/08 @ 8:26 PM:
ok i mean the right type of food. fast food is easy but the marine corps has standards. plus i got nothing better to do now then to get in shape.

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cutie122403 - 7/27/08 @ 10:37 PM:
I try to eat healthy and I take my vitamins every day because there are some things I don't like such as milk, so I have to take calcium. I think if you do both of these and exercise you will be very healthy.

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gonzo - 7/27/08 @ 9:54 PM:
yeah but the excersising needs help. could you imagine eating like a pro football player or even a diver. i read they bring in something around 6000 colories a day. i have trouble eating 1200 and thats half of what im supposed to eat. the right supplements can go a long way and benifit more then hurt.
The Boss - 7/27/08 @ 10:22 PM: Rival | Side B
You have trouble, %%&% I can 3000 a day if I'm not careful. You need to start eating fast food. lol

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The Boss - 7/27/08 @ 9:43 PM:
You're the man Johnny but I'd prefer eating healthy with some solid exercising.
gonzo - 7/27/08 @ 9:55 PM: Rival | Side A
got this one from our talk about no xplode the other day.

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gonzo - 7/27/08 @ 9:14 PM:
ok i had to really great pics but I guess I should stay away from computers. any way I really think there is something to supplements and things like that. I tried just eating healthy and it worked to a point I didnt start seeing real gains in my work outs and body till i started working with NO xplode and protien drinks.
The Boss - 7/27/08 @ 9:46 PM: Rival | Side B
Some supplements are bad for your liver.
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