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George Lucas is obviously a very bright and wealthy man, but did he make a mistake making the new star wars? Should he have left well enough alone?


Posted by in Entertainment / Movies on 6/20/08

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hoq - 11/29/08 @ 4:19 PM:
There definitely should've been new films in the franchise - just not I and II. Those should be re-done, probably by J.J. Abrams or someone totally disconnected from the Lucas empire.

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SlashBe - 8/27/08 @ 10:26 PM:
George Lucas absolutely massacred the franchise with the newest films.

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B-Mac! - 6/20/08 @ 11:55 PM:
they're all great but old school star wars don't mess with it.
Dennis Plucinik - 6/22/08 @ 4:37 PM: Ally | Side B

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gonzo - 6/20/08 @ 8:18 PM:
The originals were the best. The new ones werent bad but god damn ani was a little %!#%&$ And jar jar binks why the hell does he sound like a jamacan?
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