I will still go see the new Spiderman

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Not going to see the new Spiderman!

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Will you go see the new Spiderman in Theaters or or will you pass this one up because there is a new Spiderman and Mary Jane Watson (two of the main actors) in this movie?


Posted by in Entertainment / Movies on 5/24/12
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  1. Sarah Forester (3 votes)
  1. Jeff (2 votes)
  1. LIBERAL (1 votes)

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Side A Comment

Sarah Forester - 7/12/12 @ 4:06 PM:
I will see it because i like Emma Stone. =)

Neutral Comment

LIBERAL - 7/12/12 @ 1:29 PM:
I can't rule out that I will or won't. I grew up on the comics and loved the story. I'm ambivalent at this point. I might just wait until it comes out in the movie store.

Side B Comment

Jeff - 6/7/12 @ 7:30 PM:
Stop the REBOOTS people!!!!

Side B Comment

The Boss - 5/24/12 @ 6:58 PM:
I'm sure the movie will still be very good but just like Underworld, Transformers, etc... I am indeed turned off to the movie quite a bit. I will be waiting for it to come out on dvd and frankly every time I look at that guy I think, that's the guy who Mark Zuckerberg screwed over.
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