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Which do you prefer seeing on a guy? If you are male, which do you prefer to wear.


Posted by in Arts / Fashion on 8/10/12
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DollyFan - 8/11/12 @ 12:55 AM:
Don't get me wrong, I like seeing a hot guy in a speedo but think a man in nice fitting trunks is normally sexier. When I was thin, I would lay out in a speedo to tan but would pull on trunks to get up and walk around or to swim. Just felt odd to walk around my friends in my "underwear". Lol. Of course, gaining weight put an end to that.

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cutie122403 - 8/10/12 @ 10:37 PM:
Would rather see shorts(although I really dont care) but I dont want to see a guy walking around with his junk hanging out lol.

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The Boss - 8/10/12 @ 10:09 AM:
Don't get me wrong I look pretty amazing in speedo thongs but I have to lean towards shorts. It at least helps keep the women from throwing themselves at me.

Dolly, I fixed the images I hope they meet your approval as I'm not sure where you got the other pics so I couldn't donwload them to crop them so they'll show up right.
gonzo - 8/10/12 @ 12:09 PM:
wait, wait, wait, Ryan you prefer seeing a guy in shorts? Because I was going to go with neutral.
The Boss - 8/10/12 @ 12:22 PM: Ally | Side B
Let me translate what you're comment means Gonzo. By going neutral you are saying you just can't decide whether you like seeing men more in shorts or speedos; you just love them both soooooo much :)
gonzo - 8/10/12 @ 12:39 PM:
LOL No No... I see plenty of it with the Italians around this base, They run in spandex I will continue to run shirtless.

Side B Comment

DollyFan - 8/10/12 @ 7:04 AM:
Thought I'd post a ligh-hearted rivalry, in honor of Summer coming to an end.

I prefer to see swim shorts on a guy, not a speedo. I prefer to wear swim shorts, not a speedo. I don't like wearing the long board shorts that seem to cover my knees. Those are way too long and I don't like the feeling of walking around in them when they are wet. I like them be be just that, shorts.
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