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Michael Jackson

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Knock...Knock... The baby sitters are here.


Posted by in Entertainment / Celebrities on 5/14/08

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Side A Comment

gonzo - 6/8/08 @ 9:11 PM:
she might not have been legal but atleast she was old enough to participate and not a little boy. All mikey went after was young boys. Now don't take this the wrong way they both should be castrated in public stone sober.
The Boss - 6/25/08 @ 10:14 PM: Rival | Side B
Now Gonzo, don't pretend you haven't downed a little bit of mikey's jesus juice.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 6/8/08 @ 3:17 PM:
Rkelly is on trial for filming sexual encounters he had with a underage girl.

Side B Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 6/8/08 @ 1:44 PM:
I'm still living in the 1980's Michael Jackson world so I don't know what you're talking about.

Side B Comment

The Boss - 5/14/08 @ 5:31 PM:
I really don't which side to take, they are both creepy a*& child molesters. At least Michael got some common sense and took his Jesus juice out of the country.
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