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Posted by in Health / News on 7/09/09

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Tomegun - 7/10/09 @ 3:21 AM:
I like the idea of competition. The only problem I see there is the same problem facing cable TV, cell phones, etc. These companies are greedy and don't want to do anything that would reduce their profits. A reduction in their profits, through commpetition, is just what I think is needed. When all is said and done, they will still make a lot of money.

I think you have a good idea concerning able bodied people not getting health insurance, but there is a flaw with this thinking. People will lie and do whatever else to make themselves seem like they aren't fit enough to work. That is just how people are.
The Boss - 7/10/09 @ 4:40 AM: Ally | Side A
The thing about the cable tv / cell phone analogy is yes they may be greedy but you haven't seen an increase in the cost of their services to the extent of health care. That's because of two different reasons, competition and the pure fact that cell phone and cable companies refuse service to those who can't pay. In fact I can't think of any other business that allows people to keep attaining services/products without paying. Well I can think of several government programs but no businesses. It is those attaining services without paying whether due to ignorance on there part or because they choose or can't afford to pay for insurance or the services.

You're right (responding to second paragraph), there will always be corruption, theft, and overall deceitful people. Even if this was highly regulated by the government you'd still have corrupt bureaucrats, doctors, and of course patients.

There is no clear cut answer but competition is a good idea between private companies but private can't compete with an organization (government) who can print money and change the playing field any time they see fit.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 7/9/09 @ 12:13 PM:
My suggestion for Reform:
- There are many problems with the health care system but one of the problems believe it or not is competition. A majority of the insured Americans have employer based health coverage which is great, it's a nice benefit for the employees who work for a living. The problem is that every employer I've worked for and I'm willing to bet most of the employers out there only offer one medical insurance provider. They offer different deductibles but it's the same insurance company. No competition there.

So what am I getting at? I DON'T like government involvement period but I'd be willing to allow them to regulate one thing in regards to health care. For companies with more than 100 (number is flexible) employees; they have to provide at least three (preferably four) different insurance company options. Wow, suddenly you have competition. These companies will be forced to compete with one another with rates, deductibles, "in networks" and more to earn their portion of the market share. Think about it, if you have multiple Private insurance options that will create competition far beyond the insurance companies, it will extend to the providers, in network doctors, hospitals, and clinics. If you’re not happy with your insurance or in network options you can change insurance companies. This takes care of the competition and will reduce costs but we still need to address the uninsured which are the primary reason costs keep going up.

First, if you are able bodied and choose not to work then YOU DO NOT get coverage and YOU DO NOT get health care unless you can pay for it. Health Care is not a right and if you’re not willing to work I’m not willing to pay your way. Note: I did say Able Bodied.

Second, Illegal immigrants (With an emphasis on ILLEGAL) will receive service to stabilize their condition but will immediately be deported as soon as they're healthy enough to do so. If the same person makes it back to the states (illegally) ALL services will be refused and they will be deported. We can no longer afford to educate and maintain the health of the millions of immigrants who are here illegally.

Lastly, the most difficult problem to solve. The uninsured individuals who do work but just can't afford health insurance. The burden must be shared between the employer and the worker with SOME assistance from the government with vouchers for the worker and tax breaks for the employer. Taking it a step further, the government could offer tax breaks to insurance companies who discounted their insurance premiums for lower income workers. Of course this section would have to be extended and discussed in detail but there is one thing that needs to made very clear, Health Insurance IS NOT a God given right. I have never heard any sound argument claiming the contrary.
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