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A lot depends on what you plan on doing with your telescope but just how much does aperture size and astrophotography matter? What will it be, the affordable girth of Dobsonian or the tracking ability of the the refractor and reflector?


Posted by in Images / Space on 8/20/11
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The Boss - 9/6/11 @ 9:01 PM:
I'm about half way to saving up for the scope I'm eying. The XX12I truss Dobsonian. I considered the 10 inch solid tube but the truss scope is much more attractive considering I could easily transport it in my civic.

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TNinfidel - 9/6/11 @ 8:49 AM:
It really depends on what you are using your telescope for. You have 3 main types of telescope optics: refractors, reflectors, and catadioptrics. The mounts are usually classified as equatorial or alt-azimuth. A Dobsonian is a type of alt-azimuth mounted Newtonian reflector that is designed to be light weight and portable.

If I had a fixed observing location I would definitely prefer a large reflector on an equatorial mount that I could house in an observatory. My main interest are deep sky objects so reflectors fit the bill. However, there is nothing like looking at Jupiter and the other planets though a fluorite or ED glass refractor. The colors are simply stunning. Costs are extremely prohibitive where good refractors are concerned though.

Catadioptrics, like the Schmidt-Cassegrain, are nice option being less expensive than refractors and having short tubes. However, large apertures are far more expensive than their Newtonian equivalents.

I actually used to build telescopes for people and the Dobsonian was by far the most popular design because of its portability and low relative cost. So, while I prefer the ability of the equatorial mount to track the stars its weight can make it a chore to transport. The Dobsonian is far easier to tote around. I'm torn I suppose...
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