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The beautiful Big Apple or the Pearl of the Orient? What place is more beautiful or somwhere you love or hope to travel to? New York City versus Hong Kong!


Posted by in Other / Travel on 4/18/08

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Ripi - 6/14/09 @ 1:14 PM:
I'd rather keep my travel dollars in the U.S.

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djcryptic - 5/8/08 @ 2:03 PM:
I hate cities. Especially NYC. Hong Kong all the way. (Even though I probably would hate it)
Dennis Plucinik - 11/30/09 @ 9:29 PM: Rival | Side A
see you soon bud :)

Side A Comment

The Boss - 5/3/08 @ 9:31 PM:
Just a thought, but what about; whats the better destination?

Side A Comment

Dennis Plucinik - 4/30/08 @ 12:18 AM:
yeah I'm not very creative. Fortunately if you have a better suggestion - I HAVE THE POWER ... to go in and change it.

Side A Comment

The Boss - 4/28/08 @ 10:57 PM:
I've never been to Hong Kong, but NYC was quite a place to visit. However, my opinion may change one day.
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