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Which of the Mummy movies did you like best? The first two or the latest offering.


Posted by in Entertainment / Movies on 12/29/08

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Jeff - 12/29/08 @ 5:06 PM:
So true my friend she help make those movies.
The Boss - 12/29/08 @ 5:29 PM: Ally | Side A
I was greatly disappointed. Very bad choice to make it without her. I looked up the reason why and it was a scheduling conflict, she wasn't available. They should have waited.

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The Boss - 12/29/08 @ 5:40 AM:
Okay I'm warning you here comes a serious rant. First of all, what in the hell was the movie studio thinking when they casted the third movie? The minute I saw that they changed the main female character I immediately lost interest in the film. To make matters worse the actress who filled her shoes came off as fake and was hard to watch. (I did like her in coyote ugly) Hands down the first two movies were better. I can't forgive a movie studio who is this careless with casting and frankly I can't believe Jet Li and Brenden Frasier signed on without her, very bad choice.
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