Metal Gear Solid Wont be the Same

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Metal Gear Will Go On Without Snake

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Solid Snake will no longer be the main character of Metal Gear. Is Raiden enough to keep you interested in the game?


Posted by in Gaming / Games on 11/26/09

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BigT - 12/9/09 @ 1:21 PM:
Metal Gear games have always been top notch. I think that is what will continue to make them great, with or without snake as the main character.

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cutie122403 - 12/1/09 @ 11:19 AM:
I was kept up until 1 in the morning by this game. All I heard was "Snake"! I'm sure it could go on without him.

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Dennis Plucinik - 11/30/09 @ 10:34 PM:
What happened to Snake?
The Boss - 11/30/09 @ 10:37 PM: Ally | Side B
He was phased out. In the current version of the game they left it open for him to come back but it's been announced that he won't be returning. He's been the main character for the first four games so this is a big change. I know, I'm a bit fruity for knowing all of that.
Secret Alias - 12/1/09 @ 12:18 AM: Ally | Side B
I'll tell you...
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