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LL Cool J

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Which rapper turned actor is a better actor?


Posted by in Entertainment / Celebrities on 6/29/08
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Sarah Forester - 7/14/08 @ 10:28 AM:
I love them both but since i had to choose one..i had to go with "the body" he just has such a perfect body..;-)

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gonzo - 7/2/08 @ 8:33 AM:
he's never going to win am oscar bit I'll go with ll. He was actually a rapper. Mark was pretty good in the departed but kazzy is right in too deep is one of my favorite movies.
The Boss - 7/2/08 @ 1:51 PM: Ally | Side B
For the record, "In Too Deep" is not an adult feature.

Side A Comment

cutie122403 - 6/29/08 @ 10:26 PM:
I hate to choose between the two because I love them both . They are both really good actors.

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The Boss - 6/29/08 @ 7:07 PM:
LL is one cool dude. If you haven't seen play God in the movie "in too deep" you need to see it. Mark Walhberg has surprised me but I think LL is the man.
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