Janet Napolitano Should Keep Her Job

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Janet Napolitano Should Be Fired

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Janet Napolitano recently said "The System Worked" when asked about the Thwarting of the Terrorist attack on a Airline.


Posted by in Politics / News on 1/04/10
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LIBERAL - 1/17/10 @ 11:11 PM:
The thing that really irked me about her responses to the reporter's questions was the smug little smile on her face during the course of their conversation. Not to mention the fact that when I make a mistake at work and forget to have a vendor bring in enough product to support their weekly sales no one DIES!!! She is right about one thing. People should expect to fly without having to worry if someone believes they are about to be surrounded by 70 virgins! It has been said time after time after the creation of the Homeland Security that the only way this bureau would be effective were if the communications between the respective intelligence agencies were shared appropriately. Clearly there is still a problem with this issue! If these government agencies don't pull their heads out of their bums and realize they HAVE to work together, the Homeland Security agency will continue to be as useful as **** on a boar hog! And one last thing. Janet, we were lucky, VERY lucky Christmas day. So do us all a favor and wipe that smug little smile off your face. You don't deserve to wear it.

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mama kaz - 1/17/10 @ 9:31 PM:
How do these people get into positions of power? But, don't worry. The government is rushing to our defense with xray machines that can see through our clothes. And with the high caliber of people working in airport security I'm sure they won't be snapping pictures with their cell phones to put on the internet. If somebody's going to take naked pics of me I want to get paid for it. I'll take the pat down.

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Jeff - 1/4/10 @ 10:32 PM:
yeah right...its really working
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