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The man of steel vs the Man of Iron. If the two biggest comic book franchises ever were to merge would the King of the DC universe come out on top or would Marvel's golden guy be victorious. Are heroes born or made you decide .


Posted by in Entertainment / Other on 5/20/10
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Kenneth Tisher - 8/10/10 @ 8:28 PM:
Iron man is cool...but Superman is an American icon. Hands down Superman wins.

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markei - 6/10/10 @ 9:12 AM:
The only thing that takes Superman out is Kryptonite, so in a one-on-one, he will always win eventually.

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LIBERAL - 5/29/10 @ 4:49 PM:
There's just no comparison. Iron man wouldn't have a chance. Poor guy.

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Jeff - 5/25/10 @ 9:55 PM:
Ironman would look like a tuna can when Superman got done with him

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The Boss - 5/20/10 @ 6:23 AM:
First I have to admit my bias on the topic. I spent more time in a super man outfit as a child than I did in normal clothes. Definitely the man of steel over the man of fabricated steel.

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Ziva - 5/20/10 @ 1:09 AM:
Iron Man wouldn't even have a chance. The fight would be over in less than a minute. Superman could kill Tony in an instant, but lucky for Iron many Clark Kent doesn't murder. : )
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